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12 Months of Digital Access


  • How to generate cash flow from your phone


  • How to find winning trades


  • When to take a risk and when to protect your profits

  • How to trade calmly when others panic


  • The daily routine that will set you up for success


  • How to avoid rookie mistakes that could kill your account


  • And you'll make a LOT of new friends who are just as wild about building wealth as you are



October 3rd and 4th


  • How to generate cash flow from your phone


  • How to find winning trades


  • When to take a risk and when to protect your profits

  • How to trade calmly when others panic


  • The daily routine that will set you up for success


  • How to avoid rookie mistakes that could kill your account


  • And you'll make a LOT of new friends who are just as wild about building wealth as you are


To give you a chance to profit from the stock market downturn, to generate cash flow, and to make investing exciting again, we’re offering a new course to get you started.

Here’s what this all new, revamped, live, digital course delivers:


* You'll discover exactly how to collect cash right away


* You'll understand exactly how to buy stocks you really want at a discount.


* You'll know exactly how to evaluate stocks, navigate the market, and avoid losing trades.


* You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people from seeing results.


* You'll know how to limit your risk and protect your principal.


* You'll be able to invest your money, from your account, make your own decisions, and keep your profits.


* You'll find out just how satisfying it is to make a trade and watch your account grow.

* While others settle for average bank returns, desperate for retirement, you'll be having fun, winning trades, earning better yields than most of the people around you.

This is for people like you. Check out these stories.

Ron tried investing in the stock market decades ago when he first learned about investing and putting your money to work for you. He lost $5000 in the first foray, so he turned to real estate. After doing really well with student rentals for years, Ron saw how well Erwin and other investors in his community were doing really well with Stock Hacking, and he decided to jump in. At first, Ron didn’t think Stock Hacking was going to yield any results, but he was pleasantly surprised as he developed this new skill.

“I am option trading, at the moment, and I can happily say I am doing a lot better than when I first started investing in stocks, 15 years ago. I am currently doing option trading with companies that I am very familiar with, who are a regular part of most people’s lives. You know, it’s going pretty well. This has been a very life changing moment. There’s a few moments in my life I look back on as game changing. Yeah, Stocking Hacking changed the trajectory of my life. Even though I just started in December, I can honestly say this is going to be a life changing skill to have. I wish I knew about this so many years ago.”

Ron Esteban

Hi Erwin. I’ve been trading everyday for 8 weeks and I’m getting some great returns! My biggest week was last week with $5,800! :) Usually my realized profit is $2,500 a week. I am a huge fan of you and Cherry.


Khatera Osman

Hi Erwin. There are tons of people out there selling education on the internet. Cherry is my accountant and I trust her, which gave me the courage to join Stock Hacker Academy, (and to trust you 😉. I have realized $4,000 in profits selling naked puts in July, thanks to you!

Christian Ratcliffe

So Here's The Bottom Line With Stock Hacker Academy...


You get a full weekend of in person training designed to have you trading by Monday. 

You'll learn from the Godfather of Stock Options, Lee Lowell. He’s been making money from stock options for the last 30 years. You'll learn the full strategy from start to finish.


As well as:

  • How to generate cash flow from your phone

  • How to find winning trades

  • When to take a risk and when to protect your profits

  • How to trade calmly when others panic

  • The daily routine that will set you up for success

  • How to avoid rookie mistakes that could kill your account

  • And you'll make a LOT of new friends who are just as wild about building wealth as you are


Similar weekend courses sell for $20,000. Don’t worry, we’re not even charging near that much!

Lee Lowell has been doing this all day, everyday, for 30 years



He began his career in 1991 on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in New York City, specializing in the Crude Oil and Natural Gas options and futures pits.


Although Lee “retired” from the trading floor in 1998 (when he moved to HAWAII for a while!!), he kept trading for himself and speaking at conferences, teaching investors his successful strategies.


Lee has created and run extremely profitable newsletters since 2005, including, The Delta Profit Trader, Instant Money Trader, Smart Option Seller, and Vertical Spread Trader.  All employ the same option trading tactics that have brought him success.


Lee is also a best-selling author.  His book, "Get Rich With Options", still remains on Amazon's best-seller list years after its 2007 release.


Do I have to explain any further how qualified Lee is to teach us? 😂


Lee’s success demands respect in global financial circles. We are extremely lucky to be able to learn from him!

Claim Your Spot...

We want you to start generating additional cash flow as soon as possible!

Like I mentioned before, Lee Lowell is  a season pro. He's seen it all and has been very successful. reserve your spot in Stock Hacker Academy 2.0 now so you get an edge on this crazy market.

Stock Hacker Academy has SO Many Other Advantages Beyond the First Weekend, though…

Advantage #1: Group Coaching with the Godfather of Stock Options

When you join Stock Hacker Academy, you also get access to 8 weeks of private group coaching with Lee Lowell. Taking everything you learned in the Live Course, you'll have the next 8 weeks to iron out all of the details. We want you to feel supremely confident in your ability to navigate the markets and find winning trades.


He usually charges $5000 for these coaching webinars

But not for Stock Hackers!

Advantage #2: Weekly Stock Options Deep Dive Newsletter


Every week you’ll receive a private newsletter that only Stock Hacker Academy students get. Lee Lowell will explain what's going on in the market, he'll unravel some of the various forces at play, and then he will break down his trades that week, fully detailing why he specifically made those trades.


He’s already selling his other newsletters for $3000.

Stock Hackers get an exclusive deal, though!

Advantage #3: Trade Together, Talk Stocks at Monthly, In-Person Meetup


If you live in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, this is an extra special treat for you. We host monthly Stock Hacker meetups at the iWIN Hub. We'll regularly catch up with each other, explain out trades, learn new tactics and literally make money together.


Monthly membership meetups like this can range from $600 - $6000

You don't have to worry about membership fees though!

Advantage #4: Never Without Support and Guidance in Our Private Stock Hacker Forum


Stock Hacker Academy Alumni say that this support group is where they found the most lasting value. Why? Because once the strategy is laid out, every scenario explained, and all the details are covered, you still have to swipe right on that first trade. It can be a scary thing. But every fear evaporated when you can turn to people who know exactly what you're going through. The best part is, you'll have access, there's no expiry date. Once a Stock Hacker. Always a Stock Hacker.


Monthly online investor forums charge upwards of $2000

Stock Hacker Academy Alumni get a way better deal though!

Advantage #5: Start Trading Right Away with the Stock Hacker Academy Quick Start Guide


After completing the Live Course, we’ll send the Quick Start Guide the next day. It walks you through account set up and other technical details so you can get started right away. There won’t be any confusion left once you read through this guide and follow it closely.


There are whole manuals written for investing that can cost up to $500. 

This is much more practical and gets you on your feet a lot sooner

The Full Package

Live Introductory Course 

October 3rd and 4th


Let’s recap everything included in Stock Hacker Academy and the full value of this comprehensive package:

We want you to feel like this course is worth 8 times what you paid for it. 

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Building wealth together,


Erwin Szeto


P.S. - If you don't take back your financial future, someone else will control your money and profit off of your decades of hard work.


Act now before someone else gets your seat!

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