Erwin Szeto

Founder, Stock Hacker Academy

“I’m just a family man seeking financial freedom & sharing it!”

I’m a hardworking Canadian like you.


After graduating from university, I got a good job. But after living expenses, there wasn’t much left in savings, let alone money to get ahead. 


So I tried stocks and dabbled in some real estate.  


Then came the financial crisis of 2007. My stocks went to zero and got delisted. My portfolio was down over 40%. I got burned!


However, my real estate portfolio did quite well. I kept getting rent checks, and my properties went up in value. So I stuck to real estate, writing stocks off completely. 


After more than ten years of real estate investing, property values went up, and it was harder to find good, cash flowing properties.


My portfolio was worth a lot more, but you can’t eat equity, as every investor knows. So I started looking for solutions to my cash flow problems.


The answer was simple but surprising: Stock Hacking.


To avoid getting burned as I did in 2007, I hired a coach to teach me how to take advantage of the Stock market..


Now, I cash flow better with Stock Hacking than I ever did with real estate.


From what I’ve seen, real estate investing is an excellent vehicle for building wealth, while Stock Hacking is the best I’ve seen for cash flow!

Tony Cheung

Vice President, Stock Hacker Academy

Tony was born in Hong Kong, spent his childhood and university years in Scotland and trained as an Accountant.


He then returned to Hong Kong to work in the accounting, audit and tax profession, where he met his Canadian wife at work, and they emigrated to Canada 2.5 years ago with two lovely kids and a cat. 


Tony had a Financial Controller role in a multinational situated in downtown Toronto that consumed all of his time, so he quit to immerse himself in Stock Hacking full time and level up his newly found lifetime skill.


Tony is the Vice President of Stock Hacker Academy, responsible for working closely with our Stock Hacking team to make the existing beginner program 10X better and rolling out additional offerings for those who want more help or to level up via the Advanced Class.



Diane Brennan

Stock Hacking Educator

Diane worked as an elementary teacher for over 31 years, teaching children from kindergarten to grade 8 and ended her career as a special education teacher.  


Retirement gave her lots of time to explore new hobbies, and she became interested in stock trading. 


Since then, she has taken both introductory and advanced courses in options trading and averages around five figures a month with lots of time left over to pursue interests, such as working at Stock Hacker Academy!


Diane is one of our Stock Hacking Educators, working directly with Tony and other team members to make the beginner program 10X better and roll out additional offerings for those who want more help or to level up via the Advanced Class. 


In the beginner class, we have FOUR launch and trade tutorials where Diane goes slow through Lee's trades on the app and trades them. 


Diane has two grown children, a dog, and two cats and enjoys spending her summers at her trailer on the lake.




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