Space limited to ONLY 20 Stock Hackers. First Come, First Serve

This is only for those who want to LEVEL UP and are ready to have their MINDS MELTED. Many “AHA” moments will come FAST and FREQUENT and “I wish I knew that when Covid-19 crashed the market”!

We completed two Advanced Courses with 40+ students. Everyone can’t recommend this enough after reporting record weeks and record earning months.


**Past does not predict the future

Keep Reading to Find Out More About This UNIQUE Opportunity STRICTLY-LIMITED to Twenty (20) Stock Hackers



Dear Stock Hacker,


What makes a stock hacking expert?


In my journey, I’ve met many options trader coaches and tested (as in paid tens of thousands to be trained by them) and what stands out about the instructor for our Advanced course is:

  • He's traded for 7-figures before with a 150,000 investment

  • Has demonstrated advanced technical analysis

  • Has produced successful Stock Hacking students (did we mention numerous personal bests among the beta group?)

  • Continuous learner who has been trading for 17 years

  • He's kind and sharing - doesn't take himself too seriously

  • Has achieved a couple of six-figure weeks and six-figure days during his current bull run

I tested our instructor like all others with my own money and the money of other Stock Hackers with various backgrounds. 


I’ve traded the same trades as the instructor with spectacular results. For example, I sold puts on RIOT, at the $25 strike and have been assigned shares. 


These are just some of the January 2021 results shared by those in the beta Advanced Stock Hacker Academy Class.


We had numerous reports of personal best months including my personal best week and month in January!

What Included In The Stock Hacker Academy Advanced Course?

#1: 4 Weeks, 8 Classes of Coaching


The course kicks off on November 1st, 2021, and will run twice per week for 4 weeks


Course Outline:


- Advanced Trading Rules

Technical Indicators and High Probability Setups:

    - How to identify them

    - How to use them

    - The optimal options combinations/strategy to apply

    - When to take profits, double down on positions, stop loss


Picking the right spots to enter a position minimizes a lot of risk from the trade.  No different than making money on buying real estate or the simple seasonality of buying in the summer and at Xmas.


- Option Combination/Strategies

​    - Credit spreads

    - Debit spreads

    - LEAPS

    - How to repair trades gone wrong because it's not only about making money but minimizing losses


Value: $10,000

#2: 12 Months Access to ALL Recordings

Don't miss a thing! 


Go back and watch the live course over and over again. You keep this access for 12 months. 


Even when the webinars and newsletters are finished, you will always have the recordings to rely on.

Value: $2,000

#3: 12 Months Access to Private Chat Group

You'll join a private group of ADVANCED Stock Hackers who you can bounce ideas off of.


How do you think Erwin stayed out of the Palantir lockdown period? Someone posted in the advanced chat. That's how! 


We are taking this to Kajabi so you can control notifications to email and filter out the noise on Facebook.

Value: $2,000

When you join today, you also get...

BONUS: 12 Months Access to Instructor's Personal Trades

Our instructor has agreed to share his trades with us for 12 months so we may follow along and learn by doing.

Value: $2,500

The Stock Hacker Academy Advanced Course is NOT for the Faint of Heart

This opportunity is NOT for you if you:

  • Refuse to do anything but write Naked Puts
  • Refuse all other strategies
  • Have not taken the Stock Hacker Academy with Lee Lowell

You need to be able to practice all FOUR of Lee's strategies OR ELSE you WILL NOT meet the minimum experience and education to be able to keep up with the course.

This opportunity is for you if you:

  • Want to invest more on yourself
  • Can put more time daily to prepare to trade for alpha (above market returns)
  • Are ready to transition from the mobile IB app to reading charts on proper monitors to effectively learn and apply technical analysis
  • Have at least $100,000 of capital to deploy. The more the merrier.

My goal for you is to make back the course costs within your first month!!

The Full Package

Let’s recap everything included in Stock Hacker Academy Advanced Course:

But here's the good news...

You don't have to pay $16,500 to take the advanced course...


When you take action now, you only pay:

$9,998 + HST



Class Limit: 20 Students


We are keeping it small to serve the students better.


Will you be one of the 20 Stock Hackers that will advance their trading for maximized profits this year?

Building wealth together,


Erwin Szeto


P.S. - What I've learned in the beta Advanced Class is... Technical analysis is only half the battle...

Applying the most optimized strategies is needed for maximum returns while using as little capital and margin as possible!


Act now before you miss the opportunity!

You're Satisfied or You Get Your Money Back

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