Stock Hacker Academy Course: October 1st - 3rd


Learn This Life-Changing Skill to Build Your Six-Figure Side Hustle

Master how to profit from the stock market, generate cashflow with your phone, and lop years off your retirement timeline!

Stock Hacker Academy: October 1st - 3rd



  • 3 day live course (October 1-3)

  • 8 weekly coaching webinars


  • 12 month subscription to Lee Lowell's Smart Option Seller Newsletter

  • 8 bonus sessions - live demos

  • Access to the private Stock Hacker Community

  • Online access to recordings for 12 months



  • Everything included in the Gold Plan

  • 12 month subscription to Lee Lowell's Vertical Spread Trader newsletter

  • 5 additional small group sessions with Coach

  • Full set of Derek Foster's books (6 in total)

  • Stock Option Trading Tax Consulting Service (30 Min)

  • iWIN Real Estate Consulting Service (30 Min)

I’ve been trading every day for 8 weeks and I’m getting some great returns! My biggest week was last week with $5,800!  Usually, my realized profit is $2,500 a week. I am a huge fan of you and Cherry.

Khatera Osman, Toronto, ON

Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Agent

From the desk of  Erwin Szeto


You’re a hard-working Canadian...


Yet you still feel trapped!


Trapped in your 9-5 job…


Trapped in your business, making it no better than a 9 to 5 job!


To truly win your independence, you must have multiple streams of income… both active and passive income.


This is the hard truth!


If your money is not earning more money while you sleep, you might as well forget about retiring early, let alone retiring at all.


Many reports show that about 60% of Canadians who don't have a pension won't ever really retire.


Just imagine a life where you have to work tirelessly and endlessly… and still not be able to give your children the best chance at a successful life.


A life where you keep worrying about your savings and using your income to pay for your expenses...


And when you eventually hit the official retirement age, you’ll be wondering where all your time and money went!


But I have good news for you… 


We have one more proven method to help hard-working Canadians create a six-figure side hustle aside from investing in real estate. 

What if I could teach you how to build a six-figure side hustle with your smartphone from ANYWHERE in the world!

Imagine being able to:

  • Generate cash flow

  • Raise funds for down payments

  • Control your money

  • Add another stream of income

  • Take years off your retirement timeline...

All with your smartphone!


Sounds too good to be true?

That’s what I thought when I first heard about it and it cost me over $100,000!


Here’s the backstory…


My friend and I heard about this side hustle around the same time.


Unlike me, he took action almost immediately. 


In the 18 months between when he started trading and when I started trading, he made more than $100,000 just from this side hustle!


That could have been my story too… but I thought it was too good to be true!


Right before my very eyes, his timeline to complete independence shrank from 25 years to 5 years!!!


At this point, I knew I had to take action.


So, I sold one of my ten properties to fund this investment strategy. 


Call it diversity, call it a cash flow play, I just wanted another six-figure stream of income!


I started with a basic strategy that let me generate cash flow without owning any stock.


Then I decided to find other strategies that protect my investments and limit my risk so I hired a coach to mentor me.


I got a Coach so you don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn this side hustle!

One of my coaches is Lee Lowell. 


He’s a professional Stock options trader who’s been in the markets full-time for over 30 years. 


He wrote the book on trading stock options, called “Get Rich With Options.”


What Lee taught me, not just about making money and generating cash flow, but about protecting yourself in every trade, is a secret that I have to pass on to you...


Just like I passed it to hundreds of everyday Canadians like Sumin Feng… Hear his story below:

Sumin Feng

Engineer, Stock Hacker Academy Alumni, Toronto, ON

This side hustle gives you a chance to profit from the stock market insanity, generate cash flow, and to make investing exciting again

Introducing Stock Hacker Academy


Stock Hacker Academy is designed to be beginner-friendly. 


We wanted to make this course as simple as possible so beginners have everything they need to succeed


So, here's what to expect from the New Stock Hacker Academy:

  • 3 Day Live Bootcamp

    We want to ensure that a student with zero knowledge about Stock Hacking gets the proper introduction needed to build a successful trading foundation.

  • Expert Guidance

    We’ve hired a retired educator to help students at all levels understand this strategy better so they can make money faster.

  • 16  Coaching and Live Demo Webinars

    Theirs 8 weeks of coaching webinars with Lee Lowell, 8 live demo webinars designed to give step by step instructions on the basics of making trades, using the phone for cash flow and helping master the tools we use.

Your journey begins HERE and NOW

Stock Hacker Academy is a great course for the intimidated newbie investor. The materials and communications provided has given me the confidence to invest in stocks and feel more in charge of my own wealth building. Invest in yourself with knowledge to have the confidence to build your own wealth.

- D. Lue-Kim

Here’s what you’ll learn from the course

  • You'll discover how to collect cash right away

  • You'll understand how to buy stocks you want at a discount.

  • You'll know exactly how to evaluate stocks, navigate the market, and avoid losing trades.


  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people from seeing results.


  • You'll know how to limit your risk and protect your principal.

  • You'll be able to invest your money, from your account, make your own decisions, and keep all your profits.


  • You'll find out just how satisfying it is to make a trade and watch your account grow.


  • While others settle for average bank returns, desperate for retirement, you'll be having fun, winning trades, earning better yields than most of the people around you.

They laughed at me when I told them I trade stock options. Then I showed them my monthly returns...

Hear Matt Spada’s story below as he shares how he got 21% ROI in 5 Months of Stock Hacking:

This is for people like you.

Check out more stories from successful students who never dreamed they could turn their life around like this!

Ron tried investing in the stock market decades ago when he first learned about investing and putting your money to work for you. He lost $5000 in the first foray, so he turned to real estate. After doing really well with student rentals for years, Ron saw how well Erwin and other investors in his community were doing really well with Stock Hacking, and he decided to jump in. At first, Ron didn’t think Stock Hacking was going to yield any results, but he was pleasantly surprised as he developed this new skill.

“I am option trading, at the moment, and I can happily say I am doing a lot better than when I first started investing in stocks, 15 years ago. I am currently doing option trading with companies that I am very familiar with, who are a regular part of most people’s lives. You know, it’s going pretty well. This has been a very life changing moment. There’s a few moments in my life I look back on as game changing. Yeah, Stocking Hacking changed the trajectory of my life. Even though I just started in December, I can honestly say this is going to be a life changing skill to have. I wish I knew about this so many years ago.”

Ron Esteban


Teacher, Oakville, ON

Hi Erwin. There are tons of people out there selling education on the internet. Cherry is my accountant and I trust her, which gave me the courage to join Stock Hacker Academy, (and to trust you 😉. I have realized $4,000 in profits selling naked puts in July, thanks to you!

Christian Ratcliffe

Full-Time Real Estate Investor, Victoria, BC

So Here's The Bottom Line With

Stock Hacker Academy...

You get 3 days of live training designed to have you trading by the 4th day!


You'll learn from the Godfather of Stock Options, Lee Lowell. He’s been making money from stock options for the last 30 years. You'll learn the full strategy from start to finish.


Similar weekend courses sell for $20,000. Don’t worry, we’re not even charging near that much!

Lee Lowell has been doing this all day, every day, for 30 years

He began his career in 1991 on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in New York City, specializing in the Crude Oil and Natural Gas options and futures pits.


Although Lee “retired” from the trading floor in 1998 (when he moved to HAWAII for a while), he kept trading for himself and speaking at conferences, teaching investors his successful strategies.


Lee has created and run extremely profitable newsletters since 2005, including, The Delta Profit Trader, Instant Money Trader, Smart Option Seller, and Vertical Spread Trader.  All employ the same option trading tactics that have brought him success.


Lee is also a best-selling author.  His book, "Get Rich With Options", remains on Amazon's best-seller list years after its 2007 release.


Do I have to explain any further how qualified Lee is to teach us? 😂


Lee’s success demands respect in global financial circles. We are extremely lucky to be able to learn from him!

Claim Your Spot...

We want you to started on your own 6 figure side hustle as soon as possible!

Like I mentioned before, Lee Lowell is  a season pro. He's seen it all and has been very successful. reserve your spot in Stock Hacker Academy now so you get an edge on this crazy market.

That’s not all… Not even close!

You'll also learn from Derek Foster, author of the book “Money for Nothing” and Canada’s youngest retiree!

Working a typical 9-5 was never in the cards for Derek. After travelling and working overseas, it didn’t make sense to settle down into something that felt like a corporate trap.


So he researched and read everything he could get his hands on about investing. Eventually, he realized stocks were the way he had to go.

He figured out his system, investing heavily in dividend paying stocks, and said GOODBYE to the rat race forever at 34!

Now he’s a 6 time National Bestselling Author. He spends his time with his wife and kids as he pleases.


He’ll share his secrets with us at the Stock Hacker Academy Introductory Course!


Reserve your spot in Stock Hacker Academy now so you get an edge on this crazy market.

What else do you get when you join Stock Hacker Academy?

Advantage #1: Group Coaching with the Godfather of Stock Options

When you join Stock Hacker Academy, you also get access to 8 weeks of private group coaching with Lee Lowell. Taking everything you learned in the Live Course, you'll have the next 8 weeks to iron out all of the details. We want you to feel supremely confident in your ability to navigate the markets and find winning trades.


He usually charges $5000 for these coaching webinars

But not for Stock Hackers!

Advantage #2: Weekly Stock Options Deep Dive Newsletter

Every week you’ll receive a private newsletter that only Stock Hacker Academy students get. Lee Lowell will explain what's going on in the market, he'll unravel some of the various forces at play, and then he will break down his trades that week, fully detailing why he specifically made those trades.


He’s already selling his other newsletters for $1035.

Stock Hackers get an exclusive deal, though!

Advantage #3: 12 Months Access to Live Course and Webinar Recordings

Don't miss a thing! Go back and watch the live course and the coaching webinars over and over again. You keep this access for 12 months. Even when the webinars and newsletters are finished, you will always have the recordings to rely on.


Digital Courses like this sell for at least $2000 right now.

Not for you!

Advantage #4: Support and Guidance in Our Private Stock Hacker Forum

Stock Hacker Academy Alumni say that this support group is where they found the most lasting value. Why? Because once the strategy is laid out, every scenario explained, and all the details are covered, you still have to swipe right on that first trade. It can be a scary thing. But every fear evaporates when you can turn to people who know exactly what you're going through. The best part is, you'll have access, there's no expiry date. Once a Stock Hacker. Always a Stock Hacker.


Monthly online investor forums charge upwards of $2000 

Stock Hacker Academy Alumni get a way better deal though!

Advantage #5: Stock Hacker Academy Quick Start Guide

After completing the Live Course, we’ll send the Quick Start Guide the next day. It walks you through account set up and other technical details so you can get started right away. There won’t be any confusion left once you read through this guide and follow it closely.


There are whole manuals written for investing that can cost up to $500. 

This is much more practical and gets you on your feet a lot sooner

The Full Package

Let’s recap everything included in Stock Hacker Academy and the full value of this comprehensive package:

Now, I know what you're probably thinking….

“That’s too expensive for me… I can’t afford it!”

The investment to join is NOT $28,535…


You won’t even have to pay $10,000… even though that’ll be a darn good price for the amount of value you will receive in the Stock Hacker Academy.


We want you to get started building your own 6 figure side hustle ASAP…



  • 3 day live course (October 1-3)

  • 8 weekly coaching webinars


  • 12 month subscription to Lee Lowell's Smart Option Seller Newsletter

  • 8 bonus sessions - live demos

  • Access to the private Stock Hacker Community

  • Online access to recordings for 12 months



  • Everything included in the Gold Plan

  • 12 month subscription to Lee Lowell's Vertical Spread Trader newsletter

  • 5 additional small group sessions with Coach

  • Full set of Derek Foster's books (6 in total)

  • Stock Option Trading Tax Consulting Service (30 Min)

  • iWIN Real Estate Consulting Service (30 Min)

I promise these seats won’t last long!

So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to becoming a Stock Hacker! Let's get started right now!

Building wealth together,


Erwin Szeto


P.S. - If you don't take back your financial future, someone else will control your money and profit off of your decades of hard work.


The course begins on October 1st, 2021. Act now before someone else gets your seat!

You're Satisfied or You Get Your Money Back

As Seen on Google Reviews

Michael Ras

Mississauga, ON

Making the complex much more straightforward. I have a lot still to learn, but a great base. Erwin, Cherry and team have pivoted from in-person to online very well and they're accessible and easy to engage with. If you're looking for unpretentious investing training (not advice - just training) then consider Erwin, Cherry and Team.

Kevin McNally

Hamilton, ON

Although you could learn everything you need to know through YouTube and books, the course delivered by Erwin, Lee and his team provide a shortcut to success, by helping you avoid the pitfalls and many risks that catch traders who are starting out, especially with options. The community of sharing and helping others helps to fast track successfully bringing this additional income stream online.

Brent Black

Milton, ON

I'm a skeptical person by nature but one thing I've re-learned the last few years has been you need to invest in your learnings to progress. This course and knowledge has far exceeded my expectations. The risk adverse approach and multiple ways to win helps the novice (like me) get going. On top of the course the networking has been great. Nothing live these days but looking forward to it.

Evan Boyd

Stouffville, ON

Erwin is someone that Ive grown to trust over the years of following his emails and podcasts. The presentation was well done and the access to the website content very easy. The best part was Lee Lowell’s teaching was easy to follow and really took time to answer people’s questions.

Josh Doyle

Burlington, ON

Thanks Erwin Szeto! This side hustle is quickly turning Into a main hustle..stock options has been life changing to say least! It’s a great feeling to be able to tell your wife she can quit her job anytime she likes 🙏🏻

Tim Collins

Nanaimo, BC

Really a game changing experience for me. I have so much trust in these guys which is hard to find in the investing education world. Their heart is absolutely in the right place and they over deliver every time.


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