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So, How Do You Make Money  


(AKA ‘Generate Cash Flow')

In This Turbulent Stock Market?

As real estate investors, we hear over and over again that:


“Cash flow is king.”




And so we buy properties under market value…


We try to find off market deals…


We look for ways to force appreciation…


And we try our best to limit our expenses on each property to eke out better cash flow.


But the real estate market is tightening


Now we have to go further out to find cash flowing deals


We have to put more cash into renos and suite additions


We have to take on more involved and complex projects


And we keep repeating to ourselves...


“Cash flow is king.”


Does this sound like your story? Is this why you’re here?


Have you been hoping that finding cash flowing investments would just become simple again?


Have you been thinking about selling properties so you sleep better at night?

Then there are those of us who see how the stock market shook off COVID-19, dropping 30%, but bouncing right back, and we’re wondering if now is the time to get in.

We saw others make out like bandits after the last down turn (even while our stocks got slaughtered).


We wince at how much our portfolio would have been worth if we had held onto it since the last recession in 2008/2009.  


We wonder how much we would have collected in dividends payments over the last 12 years.  

Have you been wondering how to take advantage of this crazy market?


Over the past year, Cherry and I have been learning a strategy that allows us to do just that. We started with a basic strategy that let us generate cash flow without owning any stock.


Now, to be honest, the COVID-19 correction surprised us. I got hit pretty hard, but it forced me to dig deeper, to find other strategies that protect my investments and limit my risk. Both Cherry and I have hired coaches to mentor us in our stock option trading.


One of my coaches is Lee Lowell. He’s a professional Stock option trader who’s been in the markets full-time for over 30 years. He literally wrote the book on trading stock options, called “Get Rich With Options.”


What Lee’s taught me, not just about making money and generating cash flow, but about protecting yourself in every trade is a secret that I have to pass on to you.

To give you a chance to profit from the stock market downturn, to generate cash flow, and to make investing exciting again, we’re offering two new courses to teach you everything.

Stock Hacker Introductory Course


Here’s what this all new, revamped, live, digital course delivers:


* You'll discover exactly how to collect cash right away


* You'll understand exactly how to buy stocks you really want at a discount.


* You'll know exactly how to evaluate stocks, navigate the market, and avoid losing trades.


* You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people from seeing results.


* You'll know how to limit your risk and protect your principal.


* You'll be able to invest your money, from your account, make your own decisions, and keep your profits.


* You'll find out just how satisfying it is to make a trade and watch your account grow.

* While others settle for average bank returns, desperate for retirement, you'll be having fun, winning trades, earning better yields than most of the people around you.

So Here's The Bottom Line With Stock Hacker Academy...


You get a full weekend of in person training designed to have you trading by Monday. 

You'll learn from the Godfather of Stock Options, Lee Lowell. He’s been making money from stock options for the last 30 years. You'll learn the full strategy from start to finish.


As well as:

  • How to generate cash flow from your phone every day

  • Top 10 Stocks to start off every beginner's portfolio

  • How to find winning trades

  • When to take a risk and when to protect your profits

  • How to trade calmly when others panic

  • The daily routine that will set you up for success

  • How to avoid rookie mistakes that could kill your account

  • And you'll make a LOT of new friends who are just as wild about building wealth as you are.

Similar weekend courses sell for $20,000. Don’t worry, we’re not even charging near that much!

Stock Hacker Academy Advanced Training

C O M I N G   S O O N

Stay Tuned for details on the Advanced Trading Course. This is only for Stock Hacker Alumni, students who are successfully using the principles and strategies from the Introductory Course. 


This advanced course is not for the faint of heart and is not openly offered to the public. If you’re not afraid of taking risks and swinging for homeruns, this might be for you.


Start with the Introductory course, get you feet on a solid foundation, then start swinging for the fences.

Building wealth together,


Erwin Szeto


P.S. - If you don't take back your financial future, someone else will control your money and profit off of your decades of hard work.


Act now before someone else gets your seat!

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